Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Crosses are usually found as part of a tattoo if not the whole tattoo itself and are very popular for both men and women. For many reasons men and women get crosses tattooed onto them. Whether it resembles something or just catches their eye because it looks good in the design, there is many people who get tattoos and request to have a cross implemented within the tattoo somewhere.

Cross tattoos started a long time ago although the date when the cross was first created is unknown, we know that the cross tattoos were among the first designs to come into the tattoing industry.

Cross tattoos were used as symbols in a lot of older religions but are also used in today, the modern age as well and not always for religious reasons. The cross was previously used in the "ancient world" as a representive of execution by crucifixion. The cross symbol has become a very important part of the death or Jesus Christ and the Christian cross symbol is a long, vertical bar that is intersected at right angles, usually about 2/3rds up by a shorter bar that is horizontally directed.

Many people associate the cross tattoos with the religious meaning but a lot of people use the tattoo not only to show their Christian faith but rather to remember those who are no longer with us or to decorate a mellow tattoo. Either way, a inserted cross may do the trick!

The Christian cross is also known as the Latin cross. This is the most common symbol of Christianity that symbolizes the redeeming martydom of Jesus when he was executed (Crucified). The Latin cross is much preferred for the first time tattoo for many people who can not verify if they can withstand a long time under the needle or not because not many people can tolerate the pain and some are just scared on their first attempt.

Another type of cross tattoo is the Celtic cross tattoos. The Celtic cross is one of the more attractive basic styles of tattoos available currently. A border of Celtic knots without a beginning or ending is surrounding the simple cross formation. Other styles within the Celtic cross may differ. The colour is usually black and green.

Another type of cross tattoo would be the Gothic cross tattoo but there is a variety of different types of crosses to choose from so there should be one that meets your standards.

The cross tattoos are very popular and are used by thousands and thousands of tattoo artists on their customers because everyone is requesting a cross tattoo.